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President Elvis C. Walker THE PRESIDENT, CREATOR, AND FOUNDER WAS GIVEN A GIFT. I NEVER TOOK THIS TRADE UP IN SCHOOL. NOR, HAVE I EVER BEEN TAUGHT TO DO THIS METHOD, BY ANY MAN. IN 1980 MY VERY FIRST PIECE OF ARTWORK WAS COMPLETED INSIDE MIRROR / GLASS FIXTURE. WHICH I NOW CALL, REFLECTIONS OF YOU : MIRROR-WORK THAT IS CREATED FOR MY MUSEUM OF THE STARS, HEROS, ICONS, AND CELEBRITIES. THE PERFECT RESOLUTIONS FOR HISTORY THROUGH-OUT TIME. MUSEUM OF THE STARS. This museum is a unique concept, that creates and produces one of kind mirror images for all types of clientele. Reflections of you: mirror museum / art gallery of stars, Famous Heros, Icons, Celebrities, and More is also a concept / idea that has been around for twenty-five years or better. Sooo, for all you new innovated people who are looking for something new and creative, This moment is for you. Email:

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Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Angel of Hope Foundation, NFP. (also referred to as “the Organization”) is a start-up, not-for-profit organization scheduled to begin operations immediately upon receipt of funding. Headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, the Organization is an outreach group that creates, promotes, advertises, and produces special events to support families and individuals going through personal and financial hardship. The Organization uses revenue generated from events to provide families and individuals with special services and emergency funding for food, clothing, utilities, and more. With the motto “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall,” the Organization will aid people going through difficult times, as well as create work for artists and entertainers looking to give back to their community.

There are people all over the United States who experience personal and economic hardships. These people often need aid for common needs such as rent, food, and utilities. Angel of Hope Foundation will help provide for these services by selling membership logo medallions, as well as hats and t-shirts with the Organization’s logo, and by promoting entertainment events. These services will help to raise funds to aid people in need in the Rockford, Illinois area. Rockford, Illinois is the county seat of Winnebago County, and is also the second-largest city in the state of Illinois outside of the Chicago metropolitan area. According to, 19.9% of the population of Rockford earned an income below the poverty level in 2007, compared with 11.9% of the population of the entire state.# Angel of Hope Foundation is dedicated to providing the best and most accessible in necessary social services and aid to the percentage of the population of Rockford that has faced hardships. Angel of Hope Foundation’s commitment to the population of Rockford will allow the Organization to distinguish itself among the many large charitable organizations in its area of operation.

Angel of Hope Foundation seeks to inspire a culture of giving by creating opportunities to provide for the less fortunate. The Organization will achieve this by hosting entertainment functions to fundraise and draw support from the community to help individuals that have fallen victim to unfavorable circumstances. To achieve brand awareness, Angel of Hope Foundation will market itself through print media, television, radio, direct sales calls, and abundant networking to form partnerships with local businesses. Furthermore, online methods including social networking, viral media, Internet advertising, and a streamlined, user-friendly website will encourage attention from a greater segment of the public. These efforts will contribute to building recognition of the Foundation and its mission to serve the community through stewardship and faith.

Elvis Walker will operate the Organization. He is joined by an executive team to assist in daily operations. All members possess extensive experience in marketing, management, web development, production, and event coordination. For detailed biographical information on each member of the executive team, please refer to the Management Summary.

To achieve the Organization’s objectives, Angel of Hope Foundation, SP is seeking $6,250,000 in total funding through outside investment.


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Angel Of Hope Foundation NFP

Angel Of Hope Foundation NFP
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Management Summary

Elvis Calvin Walker, President CEO

Mr. Walker is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Angel of Hope Foundation. He has served in the entertainment field since 1980 as the owner and operator of Images and Dimensions Entertainment Productions, a company he began that helps create and produce entertainment via special events and promotions. He also served as an A&R and public relations representative within the industry. Mr. Walker’s personal and professional devotions intermix at Angel of Hope Foundation, generating support for others through networking, marketing, and advertising to instill faith and goodwill to those less fortunate.

Stephen Lorenzo Isom, Vice President / Website Designer

Mr. Isom is the Vice President of Angel of Hope Foundation, and is a strong business-minded individual that is experienced in a number of capacities. Responsible for web development, monitoring, and general leadership to the organization and within the community, Mr. Isom maintains a personal philosophy that renders kindness and fairness above all other qualities in the professional world. He supports the rights of the disenfranchised, and places particular emphasis on helping the elderly and the disabled.

Sentoria Green, Executive Director of Operations/ Secretary

Mrs. Green is a professional Broadcaster, recording artist, songwriter, DJ, television show host with 35 TV shows in the can from Time Warner cable TV, Promoter and Executive Producer. maintains the attitude that opportunities are created, not discovered. She has released 2 CD's and was a on-air radio personality for KLAS 89.7 FM in Hollywood California and Major Station JAMMIN 995 "America #1 Real Hit Music Station in Washington, DC - Oregon, Washington - Bakersfield, California and world wide on the web. She is connected to major recording labels, and is responsible for helping new new artist break onto the radio circuit. She currently host THE GREEN ROOM on 92.5 FM's The Why Radio.
All of this as she manage operations for marketing sales teams with a company who are the vendor providing services for fortune 500 companies… like Verizon FIOS , Verizon wireless, AT&T, Direct TV, Vonage, and many more.

Arvelle Bates, Executive Director / Treasure

Mr. Bates is an accomplished studio production professional, with experience as a music director, production director, production assistant, and on-air talent. He most recently served as the assistant producer and on-air personality for WIIT 88.9 FM in Chicago for Fusion Radio. He also served as the director and producer for Arizona’s Hot Lips Radio, working remotely for the Internet-based station. Mr. Bates was responsible for all commercial production and promotional activity for Hot Lips, and was expected to coach advertising clientele in the art of voice commercials and related production. Prior to this, he was the CEO and producer of ALB Productions, combining comprehensive knowledge of digital editing software with a high creative drive to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Melinda Redding Orlando, Field Manager

Ms. Redding is a Customer Service Manager, she has been in retail for 24 years. Her job Duties are, training and coaching employes to be the best that they can be, also she manages approximately 150 associates, she also have a life health and annuity licenses as well as a notary licenses. Ms. Redding loves to help people who truly needs and want help and thru Angel Of Hope Foundation, Ms. Redding will be able to help a lot of people in the community. Thank You And God Bless

Pastor Sarrlie Coleman,

Pastor Coleman has been in the Ministry leadership role for over 35 years. He has pastor of three churches in the Church Of God In Christ. Of which two of them he is the founder. Rock Hill Progressive Church Of God In Christ In Haines City Fla. and Rock Hill Progressive Church Of God In Christ in Orlando Fla. Pastor Coleman works closely with the Angel Of Hope Foundation. Rock Hill Progressive C.O.G.I.C.
Is a place where individuals can come who are struggling with life controlling problems. They can receive Christian counseling that will meet the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs of all individuals. I Believe that when we do it together we can do it better. And that we are hearts and hands reaching out to the peoples in our communities. Peoples don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Yes, we are people helping peoples. Thank God for the Angel Of Hope Foundation. Because I find in the community that there are individuals perishing through the loss of hope, drugs, alcohol, and other life controlling circumstances.

Pastor Sarrlie Coleman is the Spokesperson for the “Gospel Explosion Choir Competition Extravaganza. Pastor Coleman works closely with the Marketing/Advertising/Publicist in promoting this event to the local Churches in Orlando Florida area in gathering support from other Pastors to support and register their Gospel Choirs to participate in the “Gospel Choir Competition. Pastor Coleman will also be very instrumental in networking and partnering with other agencies that provides food banks to help service 30 families during the event.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

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